What happens when you attend a reflexology session?

Let’s walk through the whole process so you know what to expect and look forward to the experience.

At the time of booking your appointment, you will be asked to complete a detailed medical and lifestyle history. When you arrive for your appointment we will work together accessing your medical form, your goals and developing a treatment plan to suit.

Your hosiery and footwear are removed and you will either lie or semi-recline on the treatment table, covered with a blanket if you desire. You can then choose a medium of your choice from a range of balms, talc or you may prefer to have no medium. Your feet are then accessed and the treatment proceeds on the right foot with a light gentle touch. When completed, the right foot is covered with a hot towel and the treatment proceeds on the left foot. Once the left foot is completed, the towel on the right foot is removed and an energy balance occurs on both feet to end the session. Depending on your level of wellness, the entire reflexology routine takes approximately three quarters of an hour. For babies, young children, aged feet and the very sick, a shorter session and lighter touch is used.

As the client you may experience some of the following sensations during the treatment:

  • Fall asleep due to the relaxation
  • Digestive noises; this is a normal response as the body moves from a sympathetic nervous system (flight/fight) response to the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest)response
  • Emotional release
  • Twitching
  • Blocked energy released leading to a warm glow
  • Decrease in body temperature as the metabolism slows down
  • Tenderness in some areas; this may indicate tension in the feet and body as well as the corresponding area of the body out of balance .

What happens after the treatment?

You will be given a glass of filtered water.
As with massage, it is important that you drink lots of water for the remainder of the day, to help the body flush out toxins.
Findings of your treatment will then be discussed if you request this.

Some people feel tired after a treatment and others feel energised. However, as you have been in a relaxed state, it is beneficial if you can take things quietly for the next couple of hours or for the rest of the day, so that you can assimilate the holistic healing and any shifts in consciousness that may have occurred on a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level.

The following is a list of potential reactions/contra-indications that may occur after a treatment and last for up to one week, as the body tries to bring itself back to balance:-

  • You may need to urinate more often and it may have an odor and be a darker colour
  • Your bowels may open more frequently
  • If sinuses are unblocked, your eyes and nose may water
  • A change in sleep patterns
  • Emotions and feelings that were unblocked may surface
  • An increase in thirst due to the body’s need to flush toxins
  • A feeling of wellbeing and calmness

Do I need follow-up treatments?

We are all unique and have different needs. Most people may require weekly treatments for six to eight weeks and then maintenance treatments can occur monthly.

Can I combine a reflexology session with another form of treatment?
Yes, client’s often receive a Podiatry treatment followed by a Reflexology treatment. Or you may choose to have a Flower Essence Therapy consultation followed by a Reflexology session.